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This video sprints through the basics of Delighted Surveys — from creating to distributing your first survey!

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Three ways to start

There are three ways to start a Delighted Survey:

Type a question → and click Next
Select Recommended questions → a category (All, Sentiment, Marketing, Product, or Demographic) → followed by a certified question
Click Recommended questions → My questions → and recycle a question from your archive

As you create your questionnaires, check out:

Editing Surveys To add, edit, and reorder questions, apply logic, delete questions, rename surveys, add Welcome and Thank you messages, and much more
Branding Surveys To add your logo, change accent colors, and alter button styles
Adding Branch Logic to Questions To display a 'conditional' question to respondents based on their answer to a previous question — setting conditions for questions you only want certain respondents to see
Managing Surveys To reopen, edit, rename, and otherwise manage your growing list of surveys

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1. Typing in your first question

To start a survey from scratch:

Enter your first question → ex. “How satisfied are you with your purchase?”
Click Next

About the autofill list

As you begin typing, a list of suggestions will appear. If you see a question you like, select it from the autofill list and edit as needed.

Selecting your response format

Pick the response format that best fits your question from these four generic types: 

  • Multiple choice
  • Text
  • Numeric scale
  • Graphic scale

Craft dozens of question types from the four basic options, adapting them to any survey method that you have in mind.

Question variations in the dozens!

Format Variations Example questions
Multiple choice Select one or more options Multiple choice, Multiple Selection, None of the above, All of the above, True-False, True-Somewhat-False, Yes-No, and more
Text Text entry variations Comment, the ‘Other’ answer option, follow-up text questions, and more
Numeric scale Methods requiring a scale 5 point Likert, 3-7 point CSAT, 11 point NPS, 11 point eNPS, 3 point PMF, 3-7 point CES, and more
Graphic scale Scales emphasizing emotions or quick reactions 5 Stars, Thumbs, and 3-5 point Smileys

About switching formats

If you change your mind, simply click the Format drop-down menu and pick a new alternative!

Customizing your question

Each general format has a unique design with its own set of customization options. In this example, we’ll demonstrate a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) question with a 5-point Numeric scale and matching labels.

To customize a CSAT 5-point scale with labels:

Click 1 → then click 5 to set the scale
Enter a low-scale choice label → like “Extremely dissatisfied”
Enter a high-scale choice label → like “Extremely satisfied”
Click Save question

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The Recommended questions library has been carefully curated by the Delighted team to adhere to recognized methods, frequently applied questions, and best practices. While each certified question has been predesigned to save you a bit of time, don’t hesitate to edit the questions to align more tightly to your research goals.

The questions are split into five categories:

How does your survey participant feel? Are they pleased or displeased with your business, service, product, operation, or event?
Is your participant aware of your brand? Are they a supportive, loyal user of your products or services? (Marketing questions are often paired with Demographic questions for filtering and segmentation.)
Product (or Service)
Is your participant a satisfied user of your products, services, or support? Are they satisfied with their onboarding, use rate, value for money, and usability? Do they support recent changes?
What questions will segment and clarify the audience, customer segment, participant group, or characteristic? What are the differentiators — gender, age, income, location, more?
Skim through all the available questions

Below is an example of a Recommended — Net Promoter Score (NPS) — product loyalty question with it's iconic 11-point scale. Watch how quickly the question comes together!

To add a Recommended NPS question:

Click Add another question → from the edit survey page
Select Recommended questions
Pick a Recommended category → ex. Product
Choose your starter question → ex. “How likely are you to recommend our product/service to a friend?”
Edit the question as needed → ex. deleting “/service” to create a product specific question
Click Save question

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3. Recycling from the My questions archive

The My questions archive lets you reuse questions that have worked well in your company's previous surveys. After selecting a question from the list, make edits and fine-tune to fit the situation. (The questions listed here are from published surveys located in your company's account.)

To reuse a question:


Click Add another question → from the survey's editing page

Pick Recommended questions
Select My Questions
Choose one of your previously used questions → and make any necessary edits
Click Save question

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Starting your next survey, and the next, and the next

Once you start creating Delighted Surveys, you won't be able to stop!  

To create your next survey:

Click the My surveys button → and open the Surveys index
Click Create new survey

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