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All about Contacts

The Contacts page is a global list of everyone you've surveyed across all of your Delighted Surveys. 

Within this page, you can:

  • View all anonymous and known contacts
  • Search for a specific contact
  • See the response count per contact
  • Jump to the most recent response per contact
  • Delete a contact and their related response data — with a single click

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Viewing the Contacts page

To open your Contacts page, open your target survey and pick Contacts from the top navigational bar.

 As the Contacts page opens, you'll see four columns:

1 Email The email address of the contact. (Read Append email addresses to the end of the survey link to learn how to append email addresses to your links.) If they are anonymous, you'll see "Anonymous"
2 Responses The number of responses, across all surveys, for the contact
3 Last Responded A timestamp of the latest response. Click on the timestamp to jump to the response. If someone was surveyed but hasn't responded, we'll show "Never"
4 Ellipsis The "ellipsis" (three dots) at the end of each row can be clicked to delete a contact. More on that below!

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Searching for a contact

Search the Contact page to find a specific contact. Keep in mind:

  • You can only search by email address 
  • The search must exactly match the email address
  • After a search, click contacts to return to your full list

To search for a contact: 

Select the "Contacts" button → to open your Contacts page
Type in an email address → in the top-right field on the Contacts page
Click "Return" or "Enter")
Click "Contacts" → and return to your full list

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Deleting a contact

You can delete people from within the Contacts page. 

Complying with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

When you delete a person from Delighted Surveys, their contact record and all associated responses will be deleted, fulfilling the European Union's GDPR ‘right to be forgotten’ requirements. Learn more at

To delete a contact and all associated responses:

Open your Contacts page
Search for a contact  →  by scrolling the list or searching for a particular email
Locate the contact → and then click the "ellipsis" at the end of the row
Click "Delete contact"
Confirm the deletion → by clicking "Yes, delete contact"

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