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Delighted Surveys Integrations + a bit more

Our out-of-the-box Integrations can be set up in no time. Click the links for the step-by-step instructions for each:

Name Description Image
Google Sheets Integration for Surveys Leverage the power of Google Sheets! Track the status of your Delighted Surveys, effortlessly share feedback with your team, and analyze your data with the familiar ease of a spreadsheet
The Shopify Integration for Surveys Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Slack Integration for Surveys The Slack Integration sends Delighted Surveys responses directly into the Slack channels you select, making it easy to share feedback with your entire team. Slack notifications can display a full list of questions and answers
Webhooks for Surveys Delighted Surveys' Webhooks will push submitted survey responses to the URL of your choice, allowing you to ping other platforms’ APIs and automate your workflows
Zapier Integration for Surveys Zapier allows you to quickly and easily connect Delighted Surveys to thousands of other apps in automated workflows with the help of Zapier's Webhooks. (We recommend reviewing our Surveys Webhooks article before diving into  Zapier)

Let us know about the integrations you want to see!

If you have a tool you would like us to add to our integrations roadmap, take our feedback survey and put your integration request on our radar!

Delighted Surveys or CX?

Delighted Surveys is new — and we're adding new integrations quickly! 

Albeit, Delighted CX has more than a decade of integration development behind it. There are dozens-upon-dozens of easy-to-use integrations available for your CX surveys. Your favorite tool is likely ready to launch in CX already! 

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Integrations & your Published, Draft or Closed surveys

Surveys MUST be Published before you can add one or multiple integrations. In this Slack integration page, 4 Delighted Surveys are "Published" but only 2 have been "Enabled" and set up with Slack rules, which are required to trigger notifications. 

Closing surveys will "Disable" temporarily any Integrations you may be using. Open the survey to "Enable" your Integrations once more. They will start up again automatically — no worries!

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